Immigration Benefits for Same Sex Couples

America has recently seen real and positive changes that mean greater acceptance and equality for those in LGBTQ community. June’s Supreme Court decisions, greater media exposure, and growing public support have established new legal and social precedents. Thankfully, it appears that immigration rights and government benefits should now be more fairly applied to same sex couples.

It’s not time to give up the fight, however. These issues, especially those that concern or involve immigration, remain highly contested. Those opposed to equality will not simply slink back in defeat. They will continue their fight to uphold discriminatory practices that treat LGBTQ individuals as if they are undeserving of the provisions to which straight couples are entitled. With that in mind, you will want to make sure that you and your loved ones have legal help when navigating the immigration process. A qualified professional can assist you with matters related to getting Green cards or immigration benefits for same sex couples.

Advocates for LGBTQ equality have long pointed to the federal Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) as evidence of the legislative discrimination in America. The law created different rules, definitions, and legal guidelines that prevented same sex couples from having their marriage federally recognized. The Supreme Court found Section 3 of DOMA to be unconstitutional. This section established that marriage under federal law must necessarily be the union of one man and one woman. By striking down this element of DOMA, the Court has paved the way for same sex couples to begin receiving the same Green card and immigration opportunities that heterosexual couples have enjoyed.

These changes have already gone into effect. As such, if you or someone you know is in a same sex marriage, the full array of options and benefits should be at your disposal. It is not as if the Supreme Court ruling on DOMA has instantaneously wiped out prejudicial legislation and treatment throughout America, however. The services of an experienced lawyer or legal team remain highly advisable when seeking immigration benefits for same sex couples. The DOMA ruling only establishes the legal precedent. It is still necessary to make sure that these new standards are respected and applied correctly.

Finding the right immigration attorney to aid you in securing a Green card through same sex marriage or US Citizenship stands to make the process significantly easier. Proper representation will ensure that you are guided each step of the way and are less likely to be bullied or cast aside by the system.

In looking for your legal representation in these matters, it is highly advisable that you seek out an immigration attorney who understands the issues facing the LGBTQ community. Your legal counsel should have experience and demonstrated success in securing immigration benefits for same sex couples. It is essential to devote the proper time and resources to finding the right attorney or legal team. Your selection stands to make a significant impact on your experiences with the immigration process.



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